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Blue Kudu Dark Chocolate And Cherry CBD:THC 300:10 Edible Edibles The perfect balance of rich dark chocolate and black cherry flavor. Now even bigger with more manageable 5mg pieces. Made with vegan and gluten-free ingredients. Blue Kudu 60MG (CBD) Black Forest Bar - Recreational 21+ | Edible Can I order Blue Kudu 60MG (CBD) Blue Kudu 60MG (CBD) Black Forest Bar - Recreational 21+ Black Forest Black Cherry Dark Chocolate The perfect balance of rich dark chocolate and black cherry flavor. CBD: 60mg Doses: 6. 1 each. $27.97. MORE PRODUCTS. D The Only Way to Salvation |


Blue Kudu Fruit Juiced Gummies 100 mg. $28. Mixed Berry-Sativa . Green Apple -Indica. Strawberry-Indica. 1:1 Incredibles Watermelon Tarts. $52. 100mg CBD: 100mg THC. High Love Chocolates - 3 pack. $17. Chocolates infused with THC/CBD and herbs for arousal

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Blue Kudu | Bon Bons – 100mg Caramel with Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter with Milk Chocolate Deliciously decadent dark chocolate bonbons filled with a creamy vanilla bean caramel, and milk chocolate bonbons filled with a smooth peanut butter filling. Retail Marijuana Edibles in Durango, Colorado Please Help Us Keep Kids Off This Marijuana Dispensary Site. By closing this window with the X in the upper right, you are hereby verifying that your are over the age of 21.

Blue Kudu: Cookies & Cream Bar 1:1 (200mg THC and 200mg CBD) Mint Kudu, “Kookies,” 200mg Toffee + Almonds Chocolate Bar 300mg Mint + Dark Chocolate Bar 500mg. Cheeba Chews: 100mg Indica 100mg Sativa 100mg Hybrid 100mg Pure CBD 175mg Extra Strength THC 100mg Indica, “Green Hornet,” Mixed Fruit Gummy 100mg Hybrid, “Green Hornet

Blue Kudu Marijuana Edibles Knows Why THC Chocolate Should Snap - 15.09.2016 · Blue Kudu uses customer feedback to fine-tune its marijuana edibles Blue Kudu Review by Annalise Dream - YouTube 16.03.2015 · Hey, guys!! This is my review of Blue Kudu's Cherry Almond bar. It was a great pain and stress reliever! Remember, if you're first starting out with edibles - try the 10mg dose first! It can take Buy BLUE KUDU SKYLINE | eShopMarijuana | Top Quality Edible Buy BLUE KUDU SKYLINE. The Blue Kudu Mesa Skyline chocolate was very tasty with minimal weed after-taste. In fact for the most part the chocolate tasted just like the packaging advertised. I hate when edibles do not taste like what they are, but instead have a stale weed taste that’s very overbearing. All the ingredients were listed on the